• MyGica ATV582 is certified with Google GMS support

    [Company news]  Date:2016-01-25

    MyGica announced Google GMS certification support for Android TV Box ATV582,this means it is set-top box to have legal access to Google’s suite of applications—including Google PlayStore,Play Video,Play Music,Search,GMail, etc....[more]

  • MyGica 2016CES Invitation Letter

    [Company news]  Date:2015-12-24

    Register today to see MyGica at 2016CES @Booth No.35459,LVCC Hall,Jan 6-9 in Las Vegas, where we will have all our exciting offerings, experts, and top executives on hand to answer your questions. ...[more]

  • MyGica's new Android 5.0 powered ATV1900ac set the new Standard in Android TV

    [Company news]  Date:2015-04-07

    Today MyGica just announced world’s 2nd Android 5.0 TV box. The ATV1900AC comes with much higher specification than Google Nexus Player, it simple add significant technologies as H.264 and HEVC H.265 support up to 4K2K Ultra HD playback, Gigabit Eth...[more]

  • ATV586 Android TV now support native Digital TV (DVB-T2 or ATSC)

    [Company news]  Date:2015-04-07

    ATV586 Android TV now support native Digital TV (DVB-T2 or ATSC).Internet TV and Digital TV gets finally merge together to the first Android Hybrid TV box, a real powerful and easy of use platform for all Free to Air digital TV. ...[more]

  • MyGica 2015CES Invitation Letter

    [Company news]  Date:2014-12-09

    Be sure to visit MyGica at the 36055, LVCC Hall 2015CES, Jan 6-9 in Las Vegas, See what's new from MyGica at 2015CES....[more]